A Bed and Breakfast in Cambridge, MA
Bed and Breakfast in Cambridge, MA

Alexander Technique

If you have never had the joy of experiencing the Alexander Technique, this is your chance. A certified teacher of the Alexander Technique and a Teaching Member of Alexander Technique International will be honored to introduce you to the Alexander Technique. With a table in your private room, or on the porch surrounded by trees, through gentle touch and simple language, you will learn to reduce tension and makes choices that will bring a sense of lightness and heightened awareness.

Quoting from a client: Larry “and I continue to feel the marvelous effects of your very gentle but exceedingly powerful ministrations. Thank you so much for the perfect culmination of a delightful visit.”

“The main effect” quoting another client: feeling of space between joints, feeling of lifting of creating lightness in the body as opposed to a feeling of denseness/tension/constricting; relation of muscles; lifting in the mind as if all the worries had suddenly gone which brought about a sense of just being (I suppose the way one should be all the time.)”

Developed by F. M. Alexander, an Australian actor struggling with reoccurring throat problems, the Alexander Technique is a way to learn more about how our bodies work and to relieve pain and stress caused by everyday misuses. It is a process of kinesthetic learning which helps the individual have a greater sense of awareness of the whole, a sense of peace and unity with the environment, while at the same time doing less, moving less and, yet, underneath more, and more elegantly

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