A Bed and Breakfast in Cambridge, MA
Bed and Breakfast in Cambridge, MA

Cambridge Action Fund

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Cambridge Action Fund, Inc.

185 Alewife Brook Parkway, Suite 416

Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138-1100


A Bed & Breakfast in Cambridge supports Cambridge Action Fund, Inc, a nonprofit founded in 1995 with the mission of addressing homelessness by improving quality of life in its communities. CAF approaches its mission by collaborating with both businesses and citizens. Want to join CAF in its mission? Follow the contact information above. Contributions are applied directly to CAF programming and are tax deductible.

Supporters/facilitators of CAF have included Maven Realty, Sue Butler, First Estate Realty, Bookkeeping Plus More, Beatrice and Murphy, Beth Cohen, Minuteman Press, Prof. Kay Coleman and Lemelman & Lemelman.

Highlights of 1999

  • Announcement of Recipients of Grants at City Hall, January, 1999
  • Article in Boston Globe announces recipients and participation of Maven Realty and others
  • WebPages developed by Fishnet.com
  • Video developed by Cambridge Community Cable Television and shown several times during the year
  • Forum on Working with the Homeless: What works!

Highlights of 1998

  • Revenue exceeded $10,000!
  • Article in The Tab with focus on contributors
  • Donations to CASPAR, Inc., Food For Free Committee, Inc., Harvard Square Homeless Shelter and Harvard Square Churches Meals Program

Highlights of 1997

  • Donations totaling $8,250 to Phillips Brooks House Assoc. for University Lutheran Shelter, Food For Free Committee and Inc. Caspar, Inc.
  • Club Passim gives A Benefit for the Homeless, March 9 with Richard Cambridge, Val Nolan, Chris Korwin, Jess Klein, Jabe Beyer, Chris Dunn and Mark Goldfinger
  • Resolution passed by City Council urging all citizens to participate by City Council
  • Forum on Working with Homeless, March 19, 1997
  • Participate in OktoberFest in Harvard Square to let folks know about CAF, Inc.

Highlights of 1996

  • Announcement of Cambridge Action Fund, Inc. at City Council, June, 1996
  • Thanksgiving Dance Party, Dec. 6, 1996 at Maven Realty offices
  • Article in the Cambridge Chronicle and The Tab
  • Donations from more than 60 individuals and small businesses.
  • Donated $5250 to Harvard Square Churches Meals Program


Board of Directors:

Neil MacInnes-Barker, President/Executive Director

Lajla Lamadzema, Treasurer/Clerk

Tony Madan, Member

Jeff Waitkus, Member

Karen Carmean, Member

Doane Perry, Member